Are you looking for a sports massage, well the good news is that a Raynor deep tissue therapeutic massage is just for you.

Ask yourself what is a sports massage?  It’s actually defined as a variety of techniques to address sport related issues and there is no one specific technique to achieve that.

Sports massage effectively is deep tissue massage.  Raynor deep tissue massage is proven to provide significant benefit to athletes of all abilities, sports and ages. It works differently to sports massage and in fact works to a deeper level than traditional sports massage stripping back layers of tension additionally paying attention to those neglected areas of feet, hands, sacrum, hips and neck. As you would expect I also pay a great deal of attention to those usual problem areas of legs and back associated with athletes.

Importantly and unlike some traditional sports massage, I work with the client.  The treatment is a collaboration between me and the client to ensure that the best results are achieved.  As I have said to clients before, I can provide massage therapy but I cannot read minds.  Communication is key to achieving the best possible outcome.

I am sure that every athlete reading this who has had a massage can relate to surviving it rather than enjoying it.  The truth is if someone is treating your hamstring and you are ‘gripping’ the table and can barely breathe how is the muscle that is to be treated meant to relax and feel the benefit of the treatment. It’s totally counter-productive.

With me the client is always in control of the level of pressure used (I work on a numbers scale) and should not leave a treatment feeling ‘beaten up’ but also, please be reassured that this is definitely not a ‘fluffy’ massage but works to appropriate depths and precision and does achieve brilliant results.

Massages can be provided pre and post events for clients.

How many treatments will I need?

My treatments are not a routine and each treatment is bespoke to the client. Ordinarily the first treatment will involve an ‘all over’ treatment in order for me to locate where particular tension exists which will then allow for a joint discussion on how to proceed moving forward. Inevitably clients present with what they perceive to be an issue but after the initial treatment it is clear that tension exists in other areas of the body. Prevention is better than cure and it is not uncommon for clients to undertake five fairly close treatments before they can move onto maintenance treatments, however every client is different.

Additionally I can provide treatments for clients who simply require their neck, back, shoulders or legs treated.  Usually this would be an hour however I know that time is valuable and also offer 1/2 hour appointments.