I provide Raynor Massage which a deep tissue therapeutic massage and is aimed at locating tension in the body wherever that may exist by covering the muscular and skeletal system. I identify where tension is held within the body allowing me to provide deep tissue massage to relieve it.

So what is tension?

It has many descriptions. Some may say it’s a knot, or a tightness, or a strain or stress or something they cannot actually describe or pin point but in essence if a body is at rest, laid on a bed and pressure is applied it should be soft and pain free and not tight, hard or painful. Where it is any of these things then generally tension exists. Many clients are amazed by the amount of residual tension their body is retaining and the effects it has on them.

What does therapeutic mean?

Quite simply – causing someone to feel happier, be more relaxed and healthier. Other massage treatments may locate where the clients’ pain is and then the therapist will ‘work’ on that area for the duration of the treatment, on occasion aggravating it. Commonly the tension that is causing that pain is held elsewhere, for example a ‘tight’ hamstring may be affected by lower back tension or persistent headaches will originate from shoulders or back or even from the arm or hand or simply from stress or over work. It seems obvious that if the lower back tension is not addressed then the hamstring may never recover. Therefore I apply an overall holistic approach to the body to identify tension wherever it is and simply get rid of it with deep tissue massage, assisted stretching and manipulations.

Emotional stress and tension

Many people suffer from stress or tension leaving them feeling tired, sluggish, lacking motivation, depressed and suffering headaches and general fatigue that may be as a result from having a sedentary lifestyle, being hunched over a computer all day, being overworked or simply everyday life stress. I can locate that stress and get rid of it leaving clients feeling relaxed, energized and focused. The results cannot be underestimated. Stress will manifest itself as tension and a physical symptom, maybe as a sore neck or shoulders, headaches or abdominal discomfort. My aim is to relieve the tension. I provide detailed treatment on feet and hands as an introduction to reflexology as well as abdominal tension relief.

The client is always in control of the level of pressure used and should not leave a treatment feeling ‘beaten up’ but also, please be reassured, that this is not a ‘fluffy’ massage but works to appropriate depths and precision to get brilliant results.

An initial consultation will allow me to tailor the treatment to whatever particular concerns the client presents with. The treatments are undertaken using essential oils that are mixed for the client to provide the best possible outcome.

How many treatments will I need?

Raynor Massage is not a routine and each treatment is bespoke to the client. Ordinarily the first treatment will involve an ‘all over’ treatment in order for me to locate where particular tension exists which will then allow for a joint discussion on how to proceed moving forward. Inevitably clients present with what they perceive to be an issue but after the initial treatment it is clear that tension exists in other areas of the body. Prevention is better than cure and it is not uncommon for clients to undertake five fairly close treatments before they can move onto maintenance treatments, however every client is different.

Pregnancy Massage

I have been trained to provide pregnancy massage, and believe this can be of a great benefit.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage;

  • Can address lower back pain, as well as leg, foot or hand discomfort.
  • May reduce the swelling that can occur during pregnancy due to improvements in the circulation system.
  • Could lessen stress on weight-bearing joints and muscles, to reduce neck and back pain caused by poor posture and strain on the uterine ligaments.
  • May reduce levels of anxiety as the due date approaches so in addition to dealing with aches and pains it can be an overall tonic.
  • Specific massage techniques and specific oils and lotions can be used to aid the healing and reduce the appearance of incision related scar tissue.
  • After the baby’s birth, massage therapy can gently facilitate the body’s return to its pre pregnancy state, alleviate pain, foster a renewed sense of body and self, and help maintain flexibility despite the physical stresses of the labour process and infant care.